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My Engagement Session {The Mathesons}

Today’s post I dedicate to my wonderful husband, Matt! We’re celebrating our 2nd anniversary… of the day we met. I’ve been planning on sharing our engagement photos for a while now, so today seemed like the perfect day to do so.

Matt and I had our engagement photos taken by my friend Serena Severtson of Love By Serena Photography. I will take this moment to unapologetically promote her and encourage anyone looking for an engagement / wedding / maternity photographer to contact her! She is extremely talented and wonderful to work with.

Why not post these on the anniversary of our engagement? Well, we actually celebrate this day more than the actual day we got engaged. In fact I couldn’t really remember the day he put the ring on my finger until I took out my wedding album and checked. Why? Our relationship before we got married I believe would be classified under the “whirlwind” category: from the day we met to the day we got married was just over 6 months. (I don’t apologize for this. When you know, you know!) So we knew we were going to get married and had already started planning our wedding well before he had a chance to get the ring made. The day that he actually pulled out the ring and asked me, although special, was not as memorable as the day we met.

On the night of February 26th, 2010, I was at my church helping with a kids art show we had put on to raise money for Haiti earthquake relief. From my vantage point in the kitchen, I saw a guy I did not recognize sitting in a chair not talking to anyone. My bubbly, outgoing self walked over to him and sat down next to him and started talking. The word-for-word conversation is lost to my bad memory, but I do remember talking about The Big Bang Theory and agreeing how awesome of a show it was, and discovering that we both had a heart to befriend and help the homeless in Baltimore City. He was goofy, funny, and had a loving heart. I was smitten.

We had our photos taken in Eutaw Place Median Park, the park right in front of our apartment. This was also the location of our outdoor block party wedding! (I’ll post those on our wedding anniversary in September!)

Can we pause a moment and take a look at my hair?! Man, do I miss having my long hair. Really miss it. After our wedding, I had 11 inches cut off and donated my hair. It was wonderful and I don’t regret doing it, but now I want that hair back!

My hair is naturally very straight, so I achieved my curls using a flexible hold hairspray and hot rollers. If you do not own a set of hot rollers, I would highly recommend buying one. Putting your hair in a hot roller set is faster and easier than using a curling iron, and creates a soft natural curl. (Also consider going outside to check the mail or walk the dog while your rollers are in to see what kind of looks you get. I love doing that.)

I swear, my husband has springs in his legs and can jump higher than physics allow. I love this photo of us jumping off the bench, in which I jumped as high as I possibly could to match his height. Of course he put forth almost no effort and still jumped higher than me.

The brick wall photos were taken at an elementary school right next to the park, the same school in which our church is held, and the same school in which the art show we met at was held. Serena had some creative ideas as to what to write, and we had some as well…

“Wait, is that a Dharma symbol from LOST?!” Yes it is!… almost. We made our own.
Just an FYI, if you’ve never watched LOST and have no idea what I’m talking about, #1: GO WATCH LOST. It’s the best show ever. There is no #2. Just go do it.

The show LOST has a special place in our hearts, because we started dating, fell in love, got engaged, and got married all while watching all 6 seasons on DVD. I had already been watching it, but Matt had never seen it before. And as all my fellow Losties know, you have to start from the beginning, so we did.

LOL at this one. Serena happened to shutter right at the moment I pretended to be Michael… you know…. “WWAAAAAAAAAAAALLTTT!!!!!!” Matt didn’t think it was amusing. Hahaha.

The Love Hatch, aka The Matheson Household, established Sept. 4th, 2010.

I love you, Matthew!